Sunday, 25 January 2015

The dreaded D word


I always knew dieting sucked, but I have never felt so disheartened by it as I do now.

There is so much conflicting information out there and it seems as if there is nothing that is just out and out simple and straight forward.

Trim Healthy Mama has S and E meals that sound simple in the beginning but then as you read on through the book become ever more confuddling. Don't mix carbs and animals fats. Forget potatoes and bread, but have at fatty meat, oh and don't forget to steer clear of most of the fruits you've heard of, like banana's and apples and instead eat all this fruit you don't know.

Fruits bad for you!!! I feel like I have been lied to all my life.

Slim fast yum! yum! yum! The diet plan for the lazy eater. Perfect right!

Just drink these shakes, maybe have one of our special snacks, then a healthy evening meal. Except the shakes in no way come close to filling you up, so you end up indulging in Slimfast snacks and hating yourself for being so weak.

Then there's raw diets, where nothing cooked must pass your lips. Does that mean I can eat crisps??? oh no wait, they've been baked. So it's pretty much fruit and salad then because there is no way I am eating raw meat. Yuck!

Why oh why must there be so much conflicting information?

A friend said to me "try slimming world!" When she tells me the things you can eat I think, "wow!!! sounds great, sign me up." Only to be a part of that, properly, I have to go to a club, queue in a bloody long line so I can climb on some scales and be told how amazing or how pathetically, I have done that week. No thanks.

Why can't someone just lay out a very simple healthy eating plan?  I mean really simple. Like type in what you want to eat and we will give you a healthy version of that meal or if that's not possible, make some suggestions that you might like.

A site that will allow you to plan all your meals in this easy fashion and then go "Hey, guess what! Your calorie count for all your meals today, leaves room for you to snack on a cheeky pack of Maltesers,  (YUMMY!) or if not that then some fruit maybe.

In truth what I really want to do is one of these, we deliver all your meals ready to eat to your door, plans, but they are so unbelievably expensive. I mean for the price of a weeks food for just me, through one of these companies. I could feed my whole family for that same week and probably with money to spare.

So in short, I hate fat, I hate dieting and is there anyone out there willing to either force-feed me healthy nutritious fair like a feeder in reverse or alternatively put me in a coma and feed me via a tube wedge down my throat.

No waking me till I'm a skinny Minnie though.

I would also take some healthy recipies or sugguestions for healthy eating plans too, although it maybe with a sigh. :)

love and hugs
Joss xxx


  1. Oh, how I know where you are coming from! This is my I just made up my own diet, listing nutritious foods, and deciding not to buy the "junk". When it's not in the house, I can't nibble on it. It worked for a while, but...Mickey D's employees are beginning to recognize me.

  2. Dieting is no fun. I have always found that eating know all things in moderation, along with exercise is the best route. Exercise is key, because as you build muscle, you create increased calorie burners, muscles use fat for fuel : ). Exercise can be brisk walking, doesn't have to be a run : )

  3. I've always found those diet plans confusing too. I try to stick to reasonably healthy meals and not have too big a portion. Eating slowly is also another tip I've picked up as is have a glass of water shortly before eating. Good luck. And who doesn't crave Maltesers! Definitely yummy!

  4. I was into my 60s before it finally hit me. It's not about the food. I know what you're thinking, Joss. I thought whoever came up with that idea was nuts too. But almost 2 years and I'm here to say it's true. It's not about the food. It's about making food your friend. Eating with gusto. Loving the taste, texture, smell, and divineness of food. If you interested, check out Abraham/Hick's youtube videos on food. Just go to Youtube, type in Abraham/Hicks, dieting. You'll have 100s of video to choose from.

  5. I'm right there with you. I try to eat less and move more. Unfortunately there's no magic pill for this one. =) Good luck and here's to a healthy 2015!

  6. I'm right there with you. I try to eat less and move more. Unfortunately there's no magic pill for this one. =) Good luck and here's to a healthy 2015!

  7. Diets don't work, but they do sell books! Eat less, move more: that's all there is to it.

  8. I diet off and on, but I've got horrible will power and end up quitting after a while. It really helps when there's someone on board with the same diet, and you keep each other accountable. I'm a people-pleaser by nature, so I tend to look at it as, "I don't want to let them down by cheating, and I want to help them accomplish their goals, so I'll encourage them to stick with it."

    I wish you great success in finding a solution that works well for you.