Thursday, 1 January 2015

New Year, New goals!

It’s that time of the year again where we set out goals and pray that we’ll succeed in keeping them.

I’m fairly unconfident this year, as one of my goals is to shed a whole heap of weight and even as I type this chocolate beckons and excuses for why I should put it off are churning in my mind.

  •      The terrible final takeaway last night failed to provide the joy it should and thus must be repeated but with something from a better takeaway.

  •      The massive collection of Christmas goodies still yet to be devoured

  •        The fact that technically the Christmas holidays aren’t over until hubby and son are back at work/school.

I could go on, but I’ll spare you.

Last year’s goals consisted of weight loss, getting organised, blogging/writing more, cutting back on the smoking and dealing with my anxiety issues and hopefully as a result getting out more.

I failed miserably at the weight loss so much so I have avoided the scales like crazy most of the year. I just wasn’t in the right place for dieting, largely due to having a lot of pain this year with my back and IBS but also due to succeeding in the one area I never thought I would, smoking.

My plan for last year was merely to cut back on how much I smoked as I was getting through a massive 2 x 50gram pouches a week and sometimes a little more when my pain was bad.  Well cutting back turned into quitting all together for both my husband and I.  A massive achievement which was far easier than either of us ever imagined, we are now completely smoke free. I say that because I know a lot of people have switched to E cigs, we used nicotine free versions of those to help us quit but now we are off them as well, in fact Dan was off them after just a couple of weeks and I was off after about a month.
The amount of money we have saved from quitting is amazing, and has meant that we have been able to have a pretty good Christmas this year, which is great.

That was about the only goal I did well with. I failed miserably as being more productive, except when it came to the A to Z challenge which I felt I did pretty well with even earning a place as one of the blogs thatrocked the challenge, with my doggie theme, which was great.

I had a lot of ups and downs in 2014 and pain, so I wasn’t too overly disappointed in myself.

Another thing I did just manage to do in time, was deal with my anxieties. I visited the doctor about it at the beginning of December and he put me on some anxiety medicine. It’s early days yet, but I am hopeful.

So onto this year’s goals:

  •        Lose weight, although I am going to wait until I am able to get back on my stronger pain meds, before starting my diet. Being on the new anxiety meds, my doctor wanted to reduce my pain meds just while my body got used to the new meds I was taking not only for my anxiety but my IBS, so I am hopeful that when I go back to see him on the 8th of this month, he’ll give me back my stronger pain killers and I can start looking to lose weight. This also gives me time to continue enjoying the remaining Christmas fair and to get a decent take away in before my diet starts, that eradicating some of my excuses. J  

  •      Get more organised. I have already gotten started with this by buying a Filofax type planner, with a calendar section for my writing/blogging as well as one for everything else in life. I’m hoping to post a blog post every day and all going well, I plan to write all my post on the Monday so the rest of the week can be focused on my current WIP and commenting on all you lovely peoples blogs.

  •      Finishing the first Rehabilitation girls books ready for publication. This will be a big challenge for me as it will be the first time I edit my own book using Grammarly, fingers crossed it’s as good as they claim. J
    we were playing around with the colours and mood for the cover on this and like this sort of look although preferably with a much better model than myself in the finished product lol  

  •      Continue to try and work through my anxieties and get out more. I’ll be starting on that Sunday I believe, when I go with hubby to one of his steam engine shows. I would like to say I am excited but to be honest I am not really feeling it at the moment as my IBS is playing up after too much fizzy wine last night and  my back isn’t fairing much better, but oh well

  •      Work on being more focused and less distracted. It does seem a shame to abandon my whole, "oh look a bunny!" thing when I have got so good at it though. :) 

  • I'd really like to get involved with some more blog hops this year also, so if you know of any good ones, please let me know in the comments. Thank you.

So that’s my New Year goals along with my 2014 fails and successes. How did you do with your goals in 2014 and have you set any new ones for 2015? Let me know in the comments.

Love and hugs
Joss xx


  1. Best wishes on obtaining all of your 2015 goals! Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you and Happy New Year to you too :)

  2. I'm never in "the right place for dieting." I dieted for years, sometimes losing a lot of weight. But surviving on bunny food, never being able to enjoy myself, and feeling tired and like crying all the time was a ridiculous way to spend my life. Now I'm fat & happy! Good luck on all your goals, even the oh-look-a-bunny distractions. Wishing you and your family a wonderful 2015!

  3. If it weren't for my back issues I'd probably choose the same route as you, but I'm hoping I might be able to ease my pain a little if I can she'd the pounds . Here's hoping anyway :)