Saturday, 3 January 2015

Organised chaos

My approach to being organised has always been a bit half hearted. There just always seemed to be better thing that I could be doing than plotting out a daily/weekly todo and filling my calendar with future plans for birthdays to come and appointments to make.

We had a very Cornish approach to life my husband and I. We lived by the "dreckly" mantra. Which essentially means "Some point in the future." Word of warning, if my lovely hubby ever tells you "I'll get to it dreckly," you may be in for a very long wait, like a year,two, ten or...

At any rate it was decided that I needed to get more organised and although I can kinda see why lol, I have begun the process some what grudgingly. 

I am now the not so proud owner of a planner! In which I have two calendars. One for writing and blogging and one for everyday life stuff. Yikes! 

The only good thing about this, is that it's pink!!!!!!

So here is how I intend to attempt to get organised:

1) plan all blog posts in advance by at least a week. 
2) write all blog posts for a week, on the Monday leaving the rest of the week free for commenting on blogs and working on my current WIP. 
3) writing at least a 1000 words but hopefully far more each day. I'm keeping it simple so it doesn't seem such a big task. 
4) planning everything out in advance, so that I am able to adapt my schedule when required due to other commitments or appointments. 
5)planning everyone's gifts for birthdays and such in advance and purchasing them throughout the year to avoid huge expense in the busy birthday months and at Christmas. 
6)keeping all my notes, lists, todo's, appointments ect in one place. 
7) remebeing to breath and trying not to panic when all this organisation seems to scary or to hard lol. 

Do you keep planners? Prefer the organised approached or the more haphazard? Whatever the case let me know and if you have any tips, they'll be happily received. 

Love and hugs 
Joss xx

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