Friday, 1 January 2016

New year new blog

The last few weeks I've really been brainstorming where I want my blog to go.

Over the years, I've had a habit of letting my blog jump around all over the place with no real structure. 

This is something I really want to change. 

It's impossible to appeal to everyone all the time. There are those who love learning new things and exploring new topics, but who find endless book reviews tedious. Likewise, there are people who prefer reading blogs that deal with real life, be it world news or just others lives, to which they feel they can relate in some way. 

With my blog post coming pretty much at random most of the time, I think I'm making it all a little too confusing. So my plan for 2016 is to try and add a little structure. 

Now to be clear I don't want to be too rigid with this, because I'm a spontaneous person and when I feel the need to blog about life, concerns or the day to day joys, I'm gonna do it, but  life has a way of at times becoming incredibly mundane and as a result during these periods I can sometimes end up with nothing but book reviews up on my blog. 

So the plan is to create three scheduled posts a week. 

On Mondays I'll do an in the news post, where I look back at what world news caught my attention in the week just gone and discuss my thoughts and feelings around it, hopefully helping to give you, the readers a bit more insight into me as a person while also creating an opening for further discussion. Which might also give me some insight into you.

Because what are blogs for if not to share, discuss and get to know each other. 

Mid-week, I'll be diving into my book reviews. I love reading and also sharing my thoughts and feelings about what I am reading with others. 

Thanks to Net galley, I get the opportunity to read a lot of books before they are even released, in return I am asked to give honest reviews. My blog is a great way for me to do this, but I know that to some, excessive book reviews on a blog can feel a bit like the person doing the reviews is somehow getting compensated for doing nothing but good reviews. 

By grouping all my reviews into one post, I hope that people will see that my reviews are honest, that if I dislike a book, I'll say not only that I dislike it, but why. 

It will also mean that my blog is not just book review after book review all the time. 

Then finally, for the weekly basis, I would like to dedicate Friday's to posting a general post about my week, what I've been up to, what's been playing on my mind and so on and so forth. 

By providing this regular content along with the more spontaneous posts, I hope that my blog will be not only varied and regularly updated, but that it will allow readers to be more easily able to check out what interests them and ignore the rest. 

So that's the plan for my blog in 2016, only time will tell if this schedule works for me and my readers or not. 

My biggest goal; however, is to get some discussion going, so that I can actually get to know all of you better. 

So here's to 2016 and a new way of blogging. 

What are your plans for 2016? If you blog are you planning to make any changes or do you already feel you have a schedule that works well for you and if so what? I'd love to hear your thoughts on the above questions, as well as your opinion on my new schedule plan. 

Happy new year to you all
Love and hugs
Joss xx


  1. Good plan, Jossie Marie. I like it.
    I bop all over the place on my blogs, wherever the mood or interest takes me:)

  2. Sounds like a good plan to me jossie keep up the good work xx

  3. Sounds like a good plan to me jossie keep up the good work xx