Friday, 29 January 2016

To blog or not to blog?

Recently I have been seeing a lot of post about how blogging is now a waste of time for writers. I pretty sure everyone had mixed opinions about this, but I am starting to feel personally that perhaps it is. 

I can't honestly say that my blog has ever attracted anyone other than other writers and the word counts I put out on my blog, especially this month, while I have been really putting my all in to it, are extremely high. In fact higher than the word counts I have achieved on my current work in progress.

And there is a very obvious pattern too. I comment on others blogs, I get comments back, but how many of these people are reading your blog because they actually want to and not just because they feel duty bound. 

Join hope and you get lots of comments but again it's all people doing that hop. I know myself that I often read so many posts on others blogs, simply just so I can leave a comment in hopes that they might return the favour and it just seems like a waste of time. Do I rush out and buy their books, honestly, no. Not unless it really speaks to me. Do I remember what they said on their blog a few days later. Rarely! 

So are we just blogging for bloggings sake? I'm starting to feel that way. 

Wouldn't it be better to put all those words into my current work in progress instead? Probably. 

So round and round I have gone over this. To blog or not to blog? 

Even now I'm not sure, but is it really worth continuing something that seem so pointless. Maybe it's time to just let our work speak for itself through the pages of our books. 

I am really struggling to see the point of this right now and so for that reason, I am seriously considering waving goodbye to blogging for good. 

So I have no week in review post for you today, instead I have just this post. Which maybe my very last. Who knows? What I do know is this weekend, I am going to be doing a lot of thinking and I won't lie, this may very well be the end of my blog. 

Love and hugs 
Joss xx


  1. Your interest in Lost & Found is how I came across your blog. Please weigh the value of what you are doing, although I am not sure if I should be leaving you this comment. It is up to you what you do, but you may attract visitors to your blog if, for example, you are being linky with Lost & Found. You can get someone mixed up. I don't relate very well. I hope you are okay, however blogging has gone for you.

  2. I think you need to put a lot of effort into blogging to get anything out of it. When I started, no one came, until I went to them and commented - they returned to my blog and connections were made. Not everyone is interested in what I write, so they don't come back, but lots of people are - and I've made several really good friends out of it.

    What I have not done, however, is made a lot of extra sales. But, there are other outlets for that kind of marketing.

    You have to decide what you want to get out of blogging, and what you're willing to put in, and then you'll have your answer. I hope this has been useful :-)

  3. I felt like that, until I started blogging with a solid purpose. (Not that I didn't have one before.) Once it became about someone other than me, I had the motivation to get to stick to it, and even make it fun, epic, exciting. Before that turning point, I was right there with you.

  4. I feel the same way, but there are some perks to sticking with it. I had to acknowledge that the number of comments I'd get would be about the same as the number I gave. I stopped blogging "on my own" and started doing around 3 blogfests or so a month. Then I entered a short story contest and won. So I'll get a publication out of blogging, which is amazing, but even better, I have nine other authors who will go on this journey with me as we market together. So yeah, I think blogging is worth your time at some point. I'll also tell you I took a year off to write a historical novel and I don't regret that at all.