Thursday, 10 March 2011

Famouse, rich and in the slums

The second part of this programme aired in the UK last night, and was heart wrenching, for those who didn’t get to see it, four Celebrities, were sent into the into Kibera, which is one of the biggest slum’s in the world.
The four celebrities that had to face the difficulties of the Kibera slum are Angela Rippon, Lenny Henry, Samantha Womack and Reggie Yates

Each of them in the second program was sent to live with the people that are faced with a life in the slums, everyday, and Lenny Henry really had it rough when he was sent to live with a group of orphaned children who lived in a single tiny room, that was stuck between two public toilets which are really just holes in the ground. The Stench was so bad Lenny Henry could barely stand it.
And the situation the children faced was so heartbreaking that Lenny broke the rules of the program that stated they were not allowed to use their own money in anyway but were to live as the people would, when he refused to allow the kids to continue living like that for a moment longer, and brought them a house.
I was crying my heart out as these kids were finely given a chance in life, and think that Lenny Henry is awesome.
But Lenny was not the only star to offer help to these wonderful people, who despite living a life of little hope, cling onto their dreams and keep smiling.
It drives me mad that there are so many that say we should be helping the people in our own country and not people aboard the reality is that most people in our own country even those who are homeless have options, have schemes in place to try and improve their situation. That is not the case in the Kibera slum, if you do not have money you do not eat it is that simple.
The way I see it, we are all human beings regardless of where we live and we all deserve a chance to live out of poverty, I think what red nose day does is amazing.
And I will be supporting them one hundred percent.
If you didn’t get to watch the program it is a must watch, but make sure you have the tissues handy.

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