Tuesday, 29 March 2011

I'm so happy and excited

I went to bed a couple of hours ago but just could not sleep as I was bursting with idea’s, I got it into my head that I was gonna get my living room sorted out once and for all, well the whole house to be exact but starting with the living room. Dan has a serious hoarding habit, and because of this we have all kinds of things in our house that he likes to keep just encase.

Well tonight I put my foot down and told him I had no problem with him keeping these things but he needed to move them out to his garage or up in the attic, I didn’t care which he choose I just wanted it all out of the main rooms around the house, and then I started thinking.


I have an armchair in the living room which is much more comfortable than the sofa but at present it is kinda shoved over to one side where it doesn’t really get used, so I plan to pull that out into the main area, to have as my comfy, cosy spot, to chill-lax in, and then well just move a few bits and pieces round to make the room more inviting.

On top of that, I am going to clean off some space on my cabinet that is out in the kitchen to put the games and books and things, so the living room is less cluttered, and well just go wild, hehe.

They wont be staying there it’s just a temporary thing until I get some shelving units for our huge hallway, so that I can move them out onto them.

I have not been so excited about this house for a long time, normally I just keep it clean and sigh about all the clutter he insists on keeping, but not anymore, I’m banishing the lot, he has a huge garage he can stick it all in and that’s where it all belongs.

I’m also going to push him to get on with the renovations of this house; because he has so many half started finished projects it’s unreal.

I’ve had a tendency in the past to just let him do what he wants, and not say anything because I wanted a quite life, but no more.

Its time to get this place sorted once and for all because I have had enough lol.

Seriously though I can’t believe I stood up to him, or that he agreed with me, am so happy yippy!!!!!!!

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