Sunday, 27 March 2011

Jumpin' Jitters writing cafe.

We now have an official blog for our Jumpin’ Jitters writers cafe, here you can see what we are up to in world (second life) see the weekly picture prompts, find out about up and coming events and learn more about Jumpin’ Jitters, encase you decide to come and take a look in world.

To take a look at the blog, (currently under construction) you can do so HERE!

here's the slurl to visit us in world, just post it in local chat and click the link for a landmark

The cafe, here you can chat with friends, host poetry readings, and enjoy a virtual bite to eat as well as checking out the weekly picture prompt.

The reading room, curl up with a one of the classic books provided for your entertainment, share your book reviews, read an extract from one of our novelist's books, and watch there word count grow, read some of the poems writen by other jumpin' jitters writers, come along to a book club meet or simply, relax a while.

Jumpin' jitters garden.

come along to our daily writers meet, to work on your latest project, or share ideas and get inspiration, chec out the writen prompt books for ideas or add your own written prompts to enspire others, take part in our write off, share your blogs, get ideas for characters names, share your creative writing or read others.

we're open 24/7 so everyone is welcome round the clock, you can also contact jossie Tyrellium or CJ Tyrellium in world, and arange to host your own event or poetry reading.

and not forgetting the word games provided so you can play your friends in world

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