Friday, 25 March 2011

brain fug and ditzy-itus

Hi all,

Well it’s been a little while since I last posted, there is two reasons for that really, the first being that for quite a few days I was plugging away at Insane Reno like crazy, so much so that I am now at the 59,291 word count mark, so I’m close to my goal length of at least 60,000. And also close to the completion.

I’ve been working through the editing with my editor, the magnificent, sexy, and only slightly pushy Chuck-A-roo, as we go. So all that’s left is to edit 5 chapters, I think, but I’ll have to double check that.

It pays to remember that I have the memory of a goldfish.

Second reason is I went at it so hard with the writing / editing that my brain kinda went into mount down. For several days I was getting up to go get something then completely forgetting what I’d got up for, by the time I reached the kitchen.

On top of that, the impossible happened, I’m pretty well known for my ditzy moments, but in my brain fuggled period, my ditzy-ness reached a whole new high, some examples of this are as followed.

Plugged toaster in, couldn’t get toaster to work, yelled at toaster, sad face because I really wanted toast and the grill is evil. Seriously it is. Decided against toast because of aforementioned evilness of grill, had sandwich instead, sulkily cause really really wanted toast, complained to Dan on his return from work that toaster was broke, begged he fixed toaster, because I really love toast, and hate the grill from hell. So he goes to look at toaster although he didn’t seem very worried about impending risk of toast-less house, fiddles for a few minutes, and then I hear the dreaded words.

“Oh my god, this one is so going on facebook”

Turns out toaster wasn’t broke it just wasn’t plugged in. I’d plugged the blender in instead.

Now that’s just one example the second involves chuckie, the man of my dreams who irradicates all of my bad grammar, that sexy American that I cant get enough of, the one who has to put up with me for hours n hours each day, no wonder he’s lost all his hair, although in my defence he did lose it before I met him, but if he hadn’t I’m sure it would be grey by now.

So, here’s what happens.

We decided to go onto web cam to chat for a bit, so we log on and we start a call, only I can’t hear him, we both do that whole log in and out thing a few times but still I can’t hear him, but he can hear me fine.

So we decide in the end that I will just talk and he’ll type and do dodgy hand signals to get across what he is trying to say.

It was quite fun for me, for a while, because he was there mouth moving no sound coming out, normally he is saying, be serious Jossie, come on we need to get this done, can you be serious for even five seconds, that sort of thing.

So before he started typing it was quite nice to watch his mouth move and nothing come up, however, when I went to get music up on you tube, I realised I couldn’t actually hear that either.

Then it dawned on me, I didn’t have my earphones in, hence why everything was silent. Oppsie.

Now, I do ditzy well at the best of times but those are highs even on my list of duh moments.

Oh and I put my phone in the fridge, no idea why, luckily no damage done.

So that is why I haven’t really posted lately, if I had there’s no telling what you could have ended up with.

So what else is new, well I have started playing around to the sequel to Insane Reno, nicknamed Annie, although that name may change latter, or it may not depends.

Just been thinking over ideas, and started jotting down a rough of the first chapter last night.

Also I tried to quit smoking, and I really did try, for a couple of hours, but it was too much, however someone is clearly determined that I do, because the whole no smoking thing keeps popping up in some of my fav programs.

For instance in Eastie’s whitney has a fag, and a guy says to her, “you know I don’t want you smoking, you’ve got lovely skin, don’t ruin it.” That’s not exact but it’s the gist of it.

And then in my name is earl, one of my all time favs, (this was a repeat of one of the first episodes I believe) earl is trying to quit smoking with a grandma. Well, actually it was his friend’s mother, as he had to give her two years of her life back, so she could get back the two years with her son, that she lost, because Earl when he was bad, let the son go to prison for a crime that Earl had actually commited.

Anywho, I am less than impressed with God constantly plying me with quit smoking messages through my fav television programmes, because I can’t avoid them as I would like too, because I love those shows to much to miss.

All I can say is I get it, I need to quit, but I can’t right now, maybe later.

So there you have it, a brief or not so brief run through of what I have been up to since my last post, and I will try to post more regularly in future, love and hugs Joss. xxx

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