Thursday, 26 July 2012

Book promotion idea's.

With Insane Reno newly published, I have been looking at good ways to promote your book and it seems there are a lot of ideas out there. From facebook writers groups and your own facebook author page, to blogging and blogfest. 

What I think is sad is that new authors don't seem to support each other as much as they perhaps could. I have been trying to read things by new authors for a long time and leave them comments on Amazon and good reads that will help boost their sells, but since being published despite purchasing many books by new authors who I have discovered in my own journey around the web self promoting, I have found that very few return the favour which is really quite sad. 

It won't stop me reading their books and leaving nice comments, because being in the new author spot myself I would be grateful if someone did that for me and know how important it can be for a new author to receive support and nice reviews. 

That I think is what I like so much about blogging, because in most cases if you take the time to read someone's post and leave a comment they normally will do the same for you and when you are new to blogging even one comment is enough to make your day and I think it's nice to make someone's day. 

So, I guess what I wanted to ask everyone beside the obvious please take a look at my book and possibly buy and review, could you also pass on any good tips for promoting my book. 

I am happy to do any interviews for blogs, or anything that would help others too, including author interviews on my own blog, because I don't want to just help myself but help others like me too. 

love and hugs Joss xxx

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  1. I have the joy of making your day twice, I hope...I'm leaving a comment, and I've just downloaded your book to my Kindle. I will do my best to read it within the next week or two, can't make any promises, it's been insane busy, but I will do it. When I'm done, I'll leave you an honest review : ) Hope you have a lovely day. And, I think you sound like such a lovely person that I've added myself to your list of blog followers!

    1. you really have made my day millie, thank you so much and honest reviews is what I am after, knowing what people liked about my book and what they didn't will help me to improve and know where I need to improve so thank you so much :)