Wednesday, 11 July 2012

doodle tastic

Doodling, I have always been an avid and absent minded doodler. Often scribbling silly little things on my notepad while chatting on the phone or watching TV.

While sitting absently doodling yesterday afternoon while waiting for BT to answer my call, I began to ponder the meaning of doodles and went off to explore online. 
Well suffice to say I found plenty of contradicting meanings, a few all the secrets of doodles revealed if you just buy this and then joy of joys, I had a wonderful ooo a bunny moment. 
I love those ooo a bunny moments, when you go completely off track and find something great, well I say completely of track I was still on the oodles of doodles track, but I hit upon some great books that don't tell you the meaning of doodles but instead encourage you to doodle doodle doodle to your hearts content. 
The first was a doodle diary, a wonderful little book that allows you to doodle away to your hearts content and mark the date of your doodle in a very cute book and even has the added cute feature of little squares in the bottom right hand corner which gives you the chance to create flip books with some practice. 

if you want one you can get it here ...

Mine just arrived as I am writing this, oh how I love google prime. 

Then second thing I came across are these great books that actually encourage you to doodle, by giving you starter ideas, like draw a puppet on the strings, and all kinds of other great prompts where they start the drawing off and you add your own touches too it. 
There are loads of these to collect but I got the do you doodle one, as pictured below. 
if you would like one you can get it here...

You see what tempted me to go for these was one piece of advice I did find about the meanings of doodles, and it was simply this. 
Who cares what they mean, they are fun and they help us to express ourselves, so lets forget what it could mean and instead just savour the fun of doodling and the best thing about doodling, you don't have to be a skilled artist you just let go and have fun. 

So happy doodling people I am off to start doodling on the first page of my doodle diary. 
love and hugs Jossie xxxx

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