Friday, 20 July 2012

What has gone wrong in this world?

It seems that things just keep getting worse and worse the world over, with crawl people popping up and devastating the lives of others as well as corrupt banks natural disasters and unfair treatment.

We've seen earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, terrorist attacks and more in the last few years and it is heartbreaking to see what this world is coming too.

The 9/11 attacks shattered hearts the world over. Then similar attacks followed in London and elsewhere.

The huge tsunamis that have wiped out hundreds of live and homes along with hurricanes and flash floods. Landslides, earthquakes and forest fires too.

Cold and brutal attacks on other human beings and the riots in London.

Not to mention high prices and low income, i can not be the only person who is heartbroken by the world we live in.

I read about the Theatre shootings in Aurora and I cried. All those poor people who headed out for a night of entertainment and fun unaware of the suffering and heartache that awaited them. Children and adults alike wiped out by one cruel man, what must he have been thinking? What possess another human being to go out with the soul intention of hurting others? We have all had times, I am sure, when someone has upset us or made us mad and we've angrily imagined them squashed beneath a bus, but the reality is very few of us would actually want that to happen. Certainly could never plot and plan for it. But it seems more and more people are, murder is everywhere.

My Own father in law was murdered and although I never met him I watched my husband face the grief and anger of it and my heart bled for him.

Then there was that attack in Norway on that small island so many lives lost.

But it isn't just this our governments are corrupt, banks are corrupt, small businesses are going bust, farmers are being ripped off with low prices for their milk. Wages are low and living cost high. Children's are running riot and parents are failing to teach them respect.

We are all humans, all struggling to make a way in life, without all turning on each other.

Why does it matter what colour out skin is, how fat or thin we are, how smart or not, how tall or short or where we were born, it doesn't.

Because we are all human. We need to make changes and fast before it is to late.

Love and hugs Joss xx

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