Monday, 23 July 2012

exciting and scary, all at the same time

I am feeling, a very mixed bag of emotions at the moment. I am not the most brave person, in fact, I am a very un-brave person.
For me taking the plunge to publish, was incredibly hard. It's something that I have wanted, but which it has taken me years to pluck up the courage to do. my faith in myself was seriously lacking, I was certain that even if I tried to get a publisher I would be turned down left, right and centre, but that wasn't what happened.
I received one rejection from a publisher and one rejection from an agent. However, I received three acceptances. Every single one of those acceptances made me cry. I honestly had so little faith in myself that I didn't think I would get a single acceptance. But then I got three.
I have been so prepared for rejection, that the acceptances knocked me for six. Of course I had plenty of friends who believed in me, who said, that they knew I could do it, that my writing was amazing. But it's hard to believe friends, after all they are biased.
So when they say you're good, you think, well of course they're going to say that, after all isn't that what friends are for.
Even now, with my book published by a proper publisher I still feel as if it isn't good enough. I'd hoped, that getting a publisher would Cure me of my self-doubt, but it hasn't and so I am left with a very mixed bag of emotions right now. Part excitement, that I have finely achieved my dream and part fear, because what if now, that it is out there for all to read, they don't like it. 
I am a relatively realistic person and realise that not everyone will like what I write, something just aren't for some people, but there is always that fear, that maybe no one will like it, the reality is that my fears will not go away for sometime, certainly not to I have a lot more feed back on my novel and a lot of other opinions. 
However, despite the fear, I am glad that I decided to publish my book, to take the plunge risk it all and just go for it, because if I hadn't I would not have achieved my dream and would still be sat here biting my nails thinking, should I or shouldn't I. 
Sometime, I guess life is about taking risks and hoping they pay off and perhaps it is better to know either way, than to spend the rest of my life wondering what if. Time will tell I guess. 
love and hugs all, Joss xxx


  1. My jaw dropped open when I read you had three acceptances! That's something most of us dream of. I understand, however, that the doubt doesn't magically go away, but maybe that's not a bad thing as it means we're always pushing ourselves to do better. I don't think any author, however successful, reaches a level where they think they're good enough (or if they do, the quality probably decreases). I'm sure there will be readers out there who love it, three publishers can't be wrong! Good luck with it. Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

    1. Hi Nick thank you for visiting my page, well, I only tried with small publishers as I heard they were more likely to publish a new author, but have an amazing one with Raven Crest books and Dave there who is amazing.
      well it is good to know I am not alone feeling like this and I agree it certainly pushes us to do better.
      thanks again for stopping by I really appreciate it :)