Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Ludo service dog in training

Little loopy lu, who is now 9 months old is my service dog in training, he is such a sweet boy and has been doing great with his training but one area we have been failing is with his socialization. 
He is not aggressive with other dogs far from it just very afraid, bar with our other two dogs who he adores, this is my fault as I have babied him a lot lol, a face like that how could I resist. 
Being on a mobility scooter when I take him out it is very hard to encourage him to say hi to other dogs especially when he is hiding between my legs, so I have called in some help in the form of a dog walker/ trainer who will take him out and get him meeting other dogs. 
It's common for border collies to be nervous about new things so in some ways it is not a surprise especially as I have not done much work in that area and pretty much took it for granted that he would be ok, as we had other dogs. 
However, I am hoping this new trainer will be able to work her magic and raise his confidence a little. 
I have trained many dogs in my life, but working from a mobility scooter or wheelchair is raising a lot of new challenges which I haven't faced before, baring that in mind I decided that asking for help was better than making mistakes that will be hard to fix later. 
So fingers crossed Ludo will be feeling a lot more confident around other dogs when this is over. :) 

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