Thursday, 12 July 2012

School bus blues

I've said it before and I expect I will say it again, but kids are getting worse and worse and I honestly believe parents are to blame.
There have always been bullies in schools it's not a new thing but the numbers of bratty kids is indeed growing and it is getting out of hand.
I would be mortified if my child picked on another and would ensure he knew that it was not acceptable but apparently there are very few parents who feel the same and to many ready excuses for a child with bad behaviour.
My child is suffering at the hands of bullies he is just 5 years old and doesn't fully understand what is happening.
The school, give them their dues, has tried to correct the problem but it is a losing battle because they are faced with parents who clearly couldn't care less what their children are up too.
The biggest problems occurred when the bus company that transported our children to and from school was changed the new driver turns a blind eye to everything and is useless.
The school have no say over this it is down to the council and the council are interested in one thing and one thing only saving money not our children's welfare.
I never expected everyday to be a fight for my child's well being but that is what it has come to and all because of bratty little kids who have clearly never been taught right from wrong.
When a parent turns around and says don't look at me he even whacks me, in reference to there own child's behaviour you wonder what the hell is going on in this world and this is something I have seen time and time again.
Why the hell are parents allowing their children to hit them. The London riots, is it really any wonder things like that occurs when parents clearly have no control over their children?
Maybe it's time they stopped slapping excuses on kids like oh they can't help it they have ADD and started slapping the parents with forced courses on parenting especially focusing on dealing with a child's bad behaviour.
I dread to think what it will be like for generations to come if changes aren't made now but I'm not going to stand for it. I've already been onto the school and the bus company and it will be the council next, if that fails the children are going to be hearing from me personally.
I'm not a happy camper.

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