Thursday, 26 July 2012

Summer refresher

I used to cringe at the thought of cranberry juice until one day in a little cafe in the sea side town of Bude in Cornwall, I tried a drink that instantly had me hooked. I forget the name it had been given but discovered that it was in fact cranberry juice with lemonade and lots of ice and it was so refreshing that I started drinking it constantly.
As time went on I used less and less lemonade until I was drinking just cranberry juice with ice and so the drink that once made me cringe is now my fav.
I have since come to the conclusion that cranberry juice is something that has to grow on you and that of you start off by having it with lemonade to get rid of some of its sharpness as I did and then slowly lover the lemonade to cranberry juice levels you will soon be like me drinking it straight lol and I am not alone in this as many of my friends have tried it and found the same to be true.
So if you want a refreshing drink for why not grab some cranberry juice, lemonade and icecubes and give it a try :)

Love and hugs Joss xxx

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