Friday, 27 July 2012

Buccaneer Blogfest post

I'm not brilliant when it comes to book reviews, I worry I am not doing the author or the book justice for this reason and also because I'm a new published author, trying to get my book out there, I am going to talk about my own book Insane Reno.

Insane Reno is the story of 16 year old Lizzy Bray aka Tizzy, a young girl who is striving to discover the truth about her families dark past.

I wanted to play around with the whole secrets and lies aspect and how kid's are smarter than we give them credit for.

The story of Insane Reno start with Tizzy and her family, on a journey to their new home. Something, many of us have no doubt experienced in our life. But how would you feel if you discovered that your new home was the local horror house.

Well that's exactly what Tizzy finds. With her mother having a melt down in the front seat and her father acting as if everything is fine, Tizzy naturally wants answers.

Insane Reno is a search for the truth, no one likes to be left in the dark and for Tizzy her need to discover the full truth about her new home, the murders that occurred there and the extent of her mothers connection to it, is all consuming.

It's rarely easy to unravel secrets that people want to remain just that and it is all to easy to admit defeat, but what if there is more at stake? what if the people you care about most, could be at risk? Would you be willing or able to give up?

Human emotions and feelings have always intrigued me and I never understood parent's urges to hide thing from the children, don't they realise that children notice subtle changes around them and have a habit of picking up, when something is wrong?

As well as a journey to discover the truth Insane Reno, has a host of interesting and amusing characters, not to mention the lovable rouge Jem, who is proving pretty popular with female readers so far and I hope these characters will not only keep you intrigued, but make you smile, laugh and maybe even fall in love a little.

I'd be so happy if you'd download a copy today, give it a shot and leave me some honest feed back, so that I may grow, learn and perhaps even beam with joy.

Insane Reno is available for download on your kindle for just 99p or 99 cent's depending on your country.
You can download kindle for free for your smart phone, pc, or tablet from Amazon.
if you would like a copy and you live in the UK click here
for those in America, click here

thank you so much for taking the time to read this and please if you are an author too, send me a link to your own book so I can return the favour.

love and hugs Joss xxx


  1. What an awesome blog! I'm so glad you joined the blog fest so we could meet.
    I noticed on your side bar that you have listed Flowers in the Attic as a must read. I read that book as a teenager and loved it! I read the whole series:) and I just told my girls about the books just the other day. We saw the movie at the rental store and it reminded of the book an done of my aunts, who gave me the book.
    Anyway, lovely to meet you and hope to see you soon:)

    1. I love flowers in the attic, awesome book :) thank you for stopping by :)post last comment to soon lol, I'm glad you like my blog that's always great to hear am trying to tidy it up a bit at the moment lol. have a great day love and hugs Joss xx

  2. Your books sounds intriguing! And the cover looks creepy... :)

    Thank you so much for signing up for the Peace Blogfest by the way! It's nice to meet you. :)

  3. hi Aimee, thank's for stopping by, I'm really looking forward to doing the peace blogfest as well so thank you for giving me the chance :)

  4. I picked up your book for my kindle the other day. No chance to read it yet, but looking forward to it!

  5. I finished your's yesterday and loved it, well you'll see that from the review I left you, really good I can't wait to read more by you :)

  6. I loved Insane Reno and am really looking forward to the prequel, any idea when that will be out yet ?