Tuesday, 5 April 2011

24 hour read -a- thon

I think I have finerly lost the plot, as I just signed up for the 24 hour read -a- thon, 24 hours of non stop reading from 9th of april.
We only stop the reading to post updates on our progress and possibly do a challenge or two.
I figured this would help with my spring reading thing.
wish me luck, and lets hope I make it the full 24 hours lol.
very very very very nervouse.

love and hugs Joss.

if you want to join in you can do so here you don't have to be a reader you can sign up to be a cheerleader too, to help cheer on those taking part like me lol.


  1. Lots of luck to you, my friend! I've been reading, re-reading and reading like crazy! Getting my manuscript in tip top shape. Hope to have it finished by Monday. Meanwhile, my eyeballs are spinning I've been reading so much! :) Can't wait to relax and get creative.

    Reflections on Writing

  2. These goodies require more talent than I have to make them. Eating is a different thought. lol


  3. lol tell me about it mary, I could never make anything like that lol

  4. awwww Melissa,sounds like you've been busy, its been a bit like that with insane reno lately. and I just started going over it again as well as taking some notes, to help me as I go alone with annie.
    it seems never ending but I'm hoping it will be worth it in the end.
    and i'm already clearing room on my book shelf for all the books your going to publish over the years lol.
    I can't wait to get your first one, I'll be doing a happy dance for sure when I do.