Monday, 4 April 2011

A: in the A to Z blogging challenge.


Today I started reading up on American history. Living in the UK, I have always longed to visit and one day live in America. I have no idea why it always held a fascination for me, but it did.
This is not to say that I hate the UK, because I really don't, I love it.
It was just a longing to be somewhere new and different, and see new and exciting things.
I dream of going on a real American road trip, seeing all kinds of amazing things, and some silly things along the way.
But my decision to learn more about America, and how it came to be, was made for several reasons, one of which was my constant need to grow and learn.
I think this part of me is what has allowed me to create such varied stories, and what I hope is realistic characters.
as already mentioned it is someone where I would love to live one day, and certainly visit, and I thought bearing this in mind it would be nice to know a little bit about it.
and thirdly I have lots of American friends who can at times boost about the greatness of their own country over all others, now I totally agree it is a great country, but lets not forget, that that great country came to be what it is today, because of people from the UK, if anything we should all love each other, and not try to claim constantly our country is better than yours.
So currently I am reading up on the 13 colonies, which I have actually found to be a really interesting topic.
Well that is my first post for day one letter A of the A to Z bloggers challenge.
Applause please lol.
Love and hugs Joss.

ps. here are some great words that begin with A

A = awesome

You are all awesome

A = Amazing.

The world we live in is an amazing place, full of wonderful things that we can explore and enjoy.

A = accomplish

You can accomplish anything you set your mind too.

A= Aroused

Well, we all like to be aroused from time to time don't we lol.

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