Friday, 8 April 2011

a hour into the 24 read-a-thon

I'm an hour into the 24 hour read-a-thon, and am feeling more awake now, and pretty good.
I didnt get much sleep before starting this, so hopeing I make it through.
I was up at 7 yesterday morning, grabbed a couple of hours after dinner was done, my son in bed, and other chores done, and then was up ready for the read a-thon to begin just before midnight.
but so far I'm feeling ok.
I was reading through my novel insane reno, for the first hour, just jotting down some notes as I went, and am now going to switch to just simple reading with one of the books I currently have on the go, that is called theDeath artist by Jonathan Santlofer.
hope anyone else who is up and at this is doing ok, I know people in america won't yet have started, and people in australia, I guess will be a fair way into it by now.
but best of luck to you all.
love and hugs Joss,
now back to my reading.

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