Friday, 8 April 2011

6 hours in well nearly 6 and a half

I'm at a stage when my body say mmmmmmmmmmmm bed lol. So I thin its coffee time. It's just starting to get light here now, and while I get my coffee I think I may get the bath running and do some soapy reading lol.
I love laying in a hot bath with a good book for a few hours and as its half 6 in the morning I might even get a whole hours worth of reading done before my lot are up and invading lol.
hope everyone else is doing ok, if they even started as I was reading most people dont start in the uk to midday today.
I couldn't have done that schedule though as sunday morning I have friends coming over. so had to be midnight to midnight for me.
anyway i'm off to grab that coffee and get my bath running
love and hugs

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