Saturday, 16 April 2011

N in the A to Z challenge


I love some of the weird and wacky nicknames that people sometimes pick up, in my book Insane Reno one of my characters is nicknamed Tiz or Tizzy, her real name being lizzy but it kind of works on two levels because she is also very strong and not afraid to throw a tizzy if someone irritates her.

So I thought I would share with you some of the nicknames I have picked up over the years.

The first is


so many people call me this and it just seems to naturally move along to new friends, as they hear old friends refer to me this way, I can't even remember how it started now.

Jay or JJ, this was due to my old name, which was actually three jay's, hence why when I changed my name and allowed my friends to write name ideas on paper so I could pick one at random from a hat I asked them to stick to J names. At least for the first name, I ended up with Jossie Marie which actually is all my first name, not as I first thought a first and middle name lol.

little miss Flossy

this one was given to me by my close friend casp, after my name change and is slowly spreading among my other friends.
it always makes me laugh when he says it, its just the tone he uses lol.

another nickname I have had is

saltie/ salt lick.

this one sounds a bit odd but there is a really sweet reason behind it.
one of my friends on secondlife nicknamed me that because we both bread these ammaretto horses on there, and to make the horses happy you gave them salt licks.
so he nicknamed me saltie because he said I always make everyone happy which I thought was quite sweet.

shorty was a nickname I got from another sl friend, because my sl avartar is quite short compaired to most people.

and one friend used to call me slim all the time.

So what nicknames have you had over the years and why?


  1. Gosh, quite a few. Not sure I can share them all. ;-) At school, I was Lamb Chop, I've no idea on that. At home, I was Long Tall Sally and Bambi. Most names poke fun at my height, I was quite tall as a kid and my knees went out a funny way. ;-)

  2. awwww bambi's a cute one. its strange some of the nicknames people give us though lol

  3. Pretty over here! Nice to meet you; my real name is Ellen. My nicknames, El, Ellie, Ella, and Cake Nazi. lol
    My nicknames for my kids Angela is Angie Pangie
    and Ang and Puka...she loved the little dog in
    a Disney flick and we were in Hawaii at the time. Puka shells. My Son Larry: Lar, and Blackbeard. He has a blackbeard and is a character. My husband Don is Don Juan, Big Guy and Tree(he is 6'3 and I'm 5'1) lol

    Fun post~

  4. Let's see... Big Red & Red are two that come to mind immediately. I think I blocked out all the rest. :)

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