Monday, 11 April 2011

I in the A to Z bloggers challenge


I could not have survived without my imagination, it has helped me take myself away from some terrible times in my life to a better place, and in so doing has enambled me to keep hope.
So I had to be for Imagination.

As a writer, my imagination plays a huge part in everything I do, but I think regardless of our career choices an imagination is always a great thing to have.

Look at children, their imagination is so vivid, and so clever, and so full of life, we all have this, but then over time as we grow it seems to fade.

I know why, because people tell us it is silly to imagine, or day dream as it often gets called. But is it really.
I think the imagination should be championed, because our imagination helps give us hope, helps us create wonderful new and exciting things, be it a story, a work of art, a sculpture or even a new invention.
Without an imagination where would we really be.

so my I word is Imagination, the biggest gift I ever recieved, and the one I love the most.

love and hugs all and keep on day dreaming :)

ps. other great I words are...

I = Impressed

I am very impressed with how well we are all doing in the A to Z challenge.

I = inspirational

There are so many inspirational people on blogger.

I = Invite

I invite you all to leave a comment :)

I = Ideas

I am filled with lots of ideas for my next novel.

I = Immerse

I am off to immerse myself in my work, take care all :)

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