Tuesday, 5 April 2011

D in the A to Z bloggers challenge


I love daisies they are my fav flowers so D had to be Daisies.
I just like how simple they are yet pretty plus I have fond memories of making daisy chains and daisypillas as a kid.
I was actually making a daisypilla on mothers day, sunday just gone for my son, while we were out at the park it's a little bit battered though as my son, was trampling a lot of the daisies before he picked them lol.
Meet the daisy crusher lol.
My fav daisies are the giant white daisies that have the pink tips to the petals, and I have these growing in my back garden, or I will have later on in the summer, I can't wait.
Pink and white, are my fav colours, just encase you hadnt noticed from looking at my blog. lol.

People often say that my love of the daisy is boring and that technically its a weed, whether that is true or not I dont know and I dont really care, because I love the daisy regardless.

whats your fav flower ?

love and hugs Joss. xxx

ps. here are some great words that begin with D

D = delicious

The lasagna my hubby made for me on mothers day was delicious

D= delightful

the weather today is not so delightful

D = desirable

the incredibly fattening cheese in the kitchen is incredibly desirable to me, all be it very bad for me.

D = didderly umshus

But the afore mentioned cheese would be so didderly umshus, maybe I should have just a tinzy winzy piece

D = Ditzy

My husband tells me I am incredibly Ditzy, in fact a lot of people tell me I am incredibly Ditzy lol.


  1. I love daisies too! My favorite.

  2. yay!! it's nice to know I'm not alone in the daisy love lol

  3. I like daffodils, another d word, because they are so cheery and yellow when they come up in the spring. A sign that winter is truly over. your daisy crusher looks so sweet and innocent!

  4. Fav flowers -- daisies and violets.
    Darling little boy.


  5. lol looks is the key word there karen, most of the time he keeps me on my toes but he's such a happy kid, that I can't help but laugh at his antics. ooooooooo daffodils is another good one I love them.

    awwww thank you mary, any yay!!!!!!! another daisy lover :)

  6. My favorite flowers are lilacs! I also love daffodils. If I had to choose a rose - white. I like those little white daisies. Love the photo! What a cutie pie. :)

    Reflections on Writing

  7. oh i like white roses the best out of roses too :)
    yea hes a cheeky monkey lol. but dead cute :)