Wednesday, 13 April 2011

K in the A to Z blogger challenge


I use kindle on my pc and I love it, and am desprate to get a proper kindle, hopefully i will be able to get myself on in a month or too finger crossed.
because as great as the kindle is on my pc its not hugely portable lol.
I love the ease with which you can download books and if you see one that you want you can have it in seconds.
I never thought I would go down this route but having tried it on my pc, I love it and so kindle is my major must have right now.

other words that begin with K are ...

K = Keen

I was less then keen on the idea of getting out of bed this morning lol

K = Kind hearted

I have lots of Kind Hearted friends

K = Kiss

mmmmmmm i love a good kiss, lol

k = kitten

My cat was such a cute kitten

k = kite

It's been a long time since I flew a kite

K = Kye

Kye is my beautiful baby boy, and would have been the K for my post, only I'm not sure the post would have ever have ended had I started to blog about him lol.

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