Saturday, 16 April 2011

Finerly hoping to loose the dye

(not me but about the colour my hair was (i'm me the very bright top part lol), well is at the ends now but was all over lol)

For years I fought my friends relentless pestering to dye my hair blonde using store bought dyes. Then in a weak moment I caved into her incessant pestering, as she reasured me that my brown hair would dye fine if she used lightners first.
So one day quite some time ago now she set to work, using to packs of lightner followed by two packs of blonde hair dye.
It was a kind of strewberry blonde by the time she finished and thats putting it nicely, the only problem was that this dye that was meant to wash out after a couple of washes didnt and I have had to wait for it to grow out, finerly there is only a small amount left and so tonight the last of it is going to be cut out.
I would have had it re-dyed at a hair dressers but to have that done is nearly 100 quid, plus the cut, and I just can't justify that much money for a hair cut.
Not when there are so many other things more important to pay out for.
so at last it is ready to be cut out that final taunting bit and I can not wait.
goodbye bad blonde I will not miss you lol.
I have ever had any hair horrors, if so I would love to hear about it.


  1. lool, i've never tried dying my hair. I hate my hair though cos its really short :/ so most time, i use hair extensions lol

  2. well mine just got a lot shorter, has gone from sort of the middle of my back, all the way up to my shoulders but its worth it to loose the blonde and my hair grows pretty quick so shouldnt be to long before its back at the length i like.
    however we werent able to get all the blonde out still a tiny bit around the bottom but I can cope with that lol.
    dying your hair can be great if done properly, however when done by an over excitable friend who only previous experience with hair was on dogs, not so good lol.
    dont worry i didnt let her cut it just dye it, although to be fair the dying wasnt that good an idea either lol.
    still at least i didnt end up looking orange, and like a poodle lol.

  3. Yay, for no more bad blond! I tried to dye my hair blond once when I was like eighteen and my hair turned to straw.

  4. Good luck with the new hair-do! I've been struggling with my curly, frizzy, thick, obnoxious hair my whole life. I've never touched my hair with dye - well, only my bangs when I was a teenager. I dyed them hot pink with purple tips! :)

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