Thursday, 21 April 2011

R in he A to Z bloggers challenge


I love to read, I could spend hours lost in a good book, and I have to have a book on the go at all times, often more than one.
I pretty much like to read everything, athough thrillers are my fav.
I used to be really into the real life storys of hell kind of books, abuse, suffering and so on, but I dunno, I think a few people did it, and others cottened on and there was suddenly a flood of them and it just put me off.
When I first read one it was like, wow, how brave I could never in a million years write a book about all I had been through, and then as more and more flooded the market, what I am sure was a form of theraphy for them, became a night mare for me.
Maybe it was to much of a reminder of my past, because mens I seem to be able to read fine but when it comes to ones written by women I guess some of them just hit a little to close to home.
anywho, I was wondering what was your fav sort of book.
flowers in the attic by virgina andrews, and junk by mavin burgess are two that really spoke to me when I was younger, and I continue to enjoy today.
so how about you what books stick out in your mind and what type of books to you enjoy most ?

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  1. i love reading too! i love mysteries and suspense and crime novels