Tuesday, 12 April 2011

J in the A to Z challenge


Yep for J I'm doing my first name, the reason for this is people often confuse my name for the name Josie.

so here how my name is pronouced.





This is a real bug bear for me and very few people prouncounce my name right, This wasn't always my name, lol.

The name I had originally was a name that I despised it also began with a J, No I'm not going to tell you what it is lol.

But although I wanted to change my name I wanted to keep the J, and so what I did was get all my friends to write down J names that they liked and put them in a hat.

then I picked one at Random and what I pulled out was Jossie Marie, I loved it and so thats how I got my name lol.

Changing my name was a huge decision and one that didnt go down well with my family, but it was something that I had to do for me.

and was something I did the first chance I got lol.

so my question for you is, do you like your name, or loath it, would you ever consider having your name changed by depole as I did, (that means legally changed for those who don't know, because it isnt as simple as just saying now I am going to be called.... there is a lot of paper work, and a solicitor involved and of course a fee) and if you could change your name what name would you choose, or would you do like me, and let your friends pick names they like and leave it to fate by picking a name from a hat?

anywho other words that begin with J are...

J = Juicy

I love Juicy courture handbags, but I have yet to own one lol.

J = Joy

I was full of Joy when my old name was finerly behind me.

J = Justice

I am so glad that the man who abused me and many other girls is now behind bars, and that justice has been done for my friends who sadly didnt survive to see him sent to prison.

J = Jelly

my fav kind of jelly is blackcurrent jelly.

J = Jolly

My best friend's last name is Jolly, I adore this man with all my heart, yay Jolly.


  1. I'm lucky because I love my name. Even if I didn't, I don't think I could ever be brave enough to draw a name out of a hat! LOL! You are very brave indeed. And you ended up with a very nice name. :)

  2. Love your name. And Jolly is a cool one too :)

    I like Jocelyn actually, but I'll stick with Kelly for now.

    Fun post. Have a great day!!

  3. Yea it was very nerve racking although I'm pretty sure had I hated the name I picked I'd have picked another lol.
    after all not much point changing from one name that you hated to another that you hate lol.
    awww i like jocelyn too. that was actually in the hat as well I believe lol.