Friday, 15 April 2011

M in the A to Z bloggers challenge


Like most women, when it came to marriage I dreamed of the perfect wedding and all the wonderful ways it could happen.

The reality wasn’t anything like that at all. Because well I’m not rich and neither was Dan lol.

But I’m not sure I really regret it, Yes I would have loved the big flashy dress and amazing venue, and all the big cake and all the other fancy things, but I’m not sure I’d have loved the debt so much, that that sort of wedding would have left us in, or for that matter would I have felt good about spending out enough money for a house for one day.

Because the reality is that the most important thing about your wedding day should be marrying the guy of your dreams, even if we sometimes get that man wrong lol.

Because let’s face it that happens.

So I’m glad we took the best option for us and went simple, however had I have been able to afford to do it properly without getting into debt or having to scrimp and save like crazy then sure I’d have done the whole big fancy thing.

So I was wondering what you thoughts were on this subject?

My wedding day was a simple registry office, heading over to the castle grounds for photos after, and then to the pub with friends, the honey moon one night in a local hotel overlooking the beach.

What was yours like, or what do you hope it will be like?


  1. Oh, I agree. I think sometimes people forget what marriage and weddings are about and the most important thing is that you and your husband/partner are happy - so whatever way you both want to celebrate it, is up to you.

    For me, I'd probably go simple and elope. ;-)

  2. lol i always thought people that go to vagas and have the wacky weddings looked like they had a ball, well the ones that actually intended to marry lol, the ones that did it while drunk might not have been feeling so great about it the next day lol