Tuesday, 8 April 2014

A to Z blogger challenge, Day 7, Greyhound Rescue West of England.

G is for Greyhound or more specifically the Greyhound Rescue West of England.

I'm so excited today as we have a first selection of lovely pups, looking for their forever homes, as well as the awesome charity GRWE who are working to make their doggy dreams come true. The work GRWE does it truly amazing, if you don't believe me keep reading:

Greyhound Rescue West of England – award winning dog rescuers.

GREYHOUND Rescue West of England (GRWE) won the title ‘Animal Charity Team of the Year’ at the annual Association of Dogs and Cats Homes (ADCH) awards last year. The charity which has just one paid employee, rehomed 516 ex-racing greyhounds and lurchers in 2013 and GRWE’s Facebook page now exceeds 5,000 likes.
 The charity’s achievements, as recognised by the ADCH, are achieved through vast expertise and experience - and the hands-on work of rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming is where the team excels. GRWE take great pride in maintaining high standards, reflected in one of the lowest return rates - percentage of dogs returned after a homing – of all dog rescues. For 2013 this is just 5.8%. Their rehoming process is simple but thorough. Firstly, potential adopters talk with home checkers and rehoming officers about what they expect from their new pet.  This is the start of a match-making process. Meanwhile, dogs in their care are constantly under assessment – everything from walking up stairs to how they walk on a lead.  So, ultimately rehoming officers can introduce potential homes to the hounds who fit their expectations of a dog.
 But of course people sometimes want help to get to know their new dogs, and GRWE’s post-homing support team (headed by Carol Baby, author of ‘Greyhounds; a guide to care and understanding) have great experience in helping families to understand their new pets. The team use the latest thinking in dog behaviour including clicker training to support rescued dogs and help them be ready to become beloved family members. Many volunteers have recognised qualifications in canine care and behaviour. Their support is available throughout the life of the dog.

  GRWE is currently running an emergency medical appeal; in 2013 the charity has taken in a high number of dogs in need of urgent and costly veterinary attention. They also run a sponsor-a-dog scheme which helps to rehome dogs who have on-going veterinary costs, and a kennel sponsorship scheme starting at £24 for three days or £240 a month. GRWE owns no kennels; dogs wait for rehoming in rented kennel spaces or in foster homes around the country.  Every dog they have waiting –up to 70 at any time - costs about £8 per day, even before the neutering, vaccinations and micro-chipping which GRWE cover as standard.
 If you are starting to believe that this is an extra-special volunteer team, you may be right; in 2013 supporters have climbed mountains (from Ben Nevis to Kilimanjaro) and as well as sponsored runs and cake-making, have been seen in busy shopping centres bathing in baked beans!
 The charity also runs a Friends scheme for which subscribers receive regular updates including GRWE’s own magazine ‘Talking Greyhounds’. Celebrity backing for the team is also growing, with actor Anthony Head, author Jilly Cooper and TV vet Zara Boland among those putting their names behind GRWE.

 Contrary to what you might expect, ex-racing dogs require very little exercise; the breed description recommends two 20 minute walks a day.  Greyhounds spend large amounts of time sleeping, although lurchers rehomed by GRWE come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and exercise preferences. Why not visit http://www.grwe.com to see dogs waiting for a home, or ring 07000 785 092.

There are lots of dogs looking for homes at Greyhound Rescue West of England and if you are considering adopting you should go and check out the GRWE Adoption page for and extensive list. Below I've lined up a few of their cutie's to wet your appetite.

First is Fab Freddie and I really wanted to feature this beautiful boy because it is going to be his 3rd Birthday this month. Can you help give him the best present a dog could ask for, a happy, loving forever home.

GRWE say that Freddie will be a dream come true for which ever lucky family adopt him, as his carers in the foster home where Freddie currently resides cannot speak Highly enough of him.
This hansom boy is not only clean in the home but very well behaved all around, including walking well on the lead.

One area where Freddie needs a little help is in building his confidence as he is shy around new people until he has had time to get to know you a little.

If you think you can give Freddie his happy ever after please call GRWE on: O7000 785 092 or visit the GRWE website, for more information.

Next I have the adorable Banner, pictured below.

Will let Banner speak for himself I think. Enjoy!!

Hello my name is Banner and I am a blonde bombshell. Everybody I meet says how gorgeous I am. I am just 3 years old and had to retired from racing due to an injury but that is now healed and I have been given another chance at a different life - hopefully one that includes you!

I will happily take a human with me on my travels and walk very nicely on the lead, wherever I go. I still need to understand what very small dogs are but of the dogs I have met so far, I have been polite and friendly to all. I get on well with humans, so don't mind being around well behaved, older children but I do not like cats. 
I could live as an only dog (with someone around a fair bit) or with other sighthounds. If you are looking for a handsome boy in your life, then look no further. 

If you think Banner is for you please call GRWE on: O7000 785 092 or visit the GRWE website, for more information.

Another beautiful black and white greyhound for you next with Whiskey.

I'm going to let Whiskey do the talking. Enjoy!

Hello, my name is Whiskey, and ex-racing greyhound; I am nearly 4 now, measuring 28" to my shoulder and I'm black with a patch of white on my chest. My walker says that I have very expressive ears that flop back and forth as I walk - you can see them in my photo! I do enjoy my walks, looking around for anything interesting but I do walk nicely on my lead, trotting along happily sharing sniffs with the volunteer's own dog on a walk yesterday.

Last week, I had a lovely time when taken out on a social walk with loads of other dogs, I enjoyed seeing them all. I love a bit of fuss and am friendly and affectionate. Actually, I have been in a home but had to come back as I got scared when left alone. Therefore, I do need another dog for company and someone who is willing to work with me to build up my confidence so that I will learn to trust that they will always come back home to me again.

Though I am quite big, I promise I will curl up small and fit your sofa if you can find a place in your life for me; perhaps you are the person who could give me a second chance?

If you think you could give Whiskey that second chance please call GRWE on: O7000 785 092 or visit the GRWE website, for more information.

And last but far from least a wonderful Golden oldie Charlie. If I could I would snap this guy up he is adorable. Sadly I can't but can you?

Charlie is 11 years old and has found himself looking for a new home due to a change in circumstances. He is currently having a great time in foster. Where he enjoys long walks followed by a lovely long snooze on the sofa, flopped over with all four feet sticking up in the air.

Charlie can happily live with other dogs or on his own and has a very simply list of wants, to be walked, loved and fed. 

If you think you can give this beautiful golden oldie a  wonderful forever home, then please call GRWE on: O7000 785 092 or visit the GRWE website, for more information. 

Remember that the GRWE website, has lots of lovely dogs looking for homes, both male and female with all kinds of requirement needs. They also come in a range of different coat types. I have mainly shared the black and white boys here as I understand these are the guys who struggle the most to find a loving home. If you do adopt a pup because of this post please let me know as it would make my day to know that although I couldn't give one a home myself, that someone had done so because of this post.

If your considering adopting a Greyhound, but would like to know more here is a video that may help you make a more informed decision:


  1. so sweet!!
    a friend of ours has adopted two greyhounds so far... plus a couple other breeds! we just have a lab
    great greyhound awareness post! they are such sweet doggies!
    happy g day!

    1. Awww yay for your friend. Labs are lovely dogs too what's your pup called? thank's so much for stopping by I really appreciate it.

  2. What a wonderful charity. I always think greyhounds have such expressive faces. Love them.

    1. They do don't they and all the ones I have known have been so loving and sweet.

  3. One of my friends has a miniature greyhound. She looks like a baby deer. Such lovely dogs!

    1. oh bless, your friend is very lucky. Thank you so much for stopping by.

  4. It's SO so wonderful of you to share this information and promote awareness. I feel bad for so many greyhounds who don't get the life they deserve. They're such beautiful creatures! Good on you :)

    1. Thank you. I was so privileged to get to feature them on my blog and hope some good comes of it and results in a few doggies finding a home. If not through GRWE, than through greyhound rescues that are located near to those who read this blog.