Wednesday, 9 April 2014

A to Z challenge, day 9, Indie

I is for Indie, the West Highland Terrier.

Indie was one of my babies and another amazing little character.

So what can I tell you about Indie. Well she was the only pedigree with papers I ever had  and she taught me what I already suspected at any rate, that papers don't mean a thing.

Indie was a loving, sweet, happy go lucky, little girl. As a puppy she was so small she couldn't see over the tall grass and had to hop up and down in order to follow us around the field. I used to love watching her chasing after Dan and springing out of the grass every few seconds so she could see which way he had gone. 

she was obsessed with scents and once Indie got hooked on a scent trying to get her attention back to you could be difficult. Once it was though she would come bounding over to you full of the joys. 

Indie was a lover and she really loved people. This was probably due to the fact that when she was a puppy I shoved her into anyone and everyone's arms. Determined to ensure that she was well socialized. 

one of the most obvious character traits of indie; however, was her hatred of being clean. Sammy and I would get her all washed and dried and nicely clipped, then let her outside and what would she do. Straight under the truck to rub all its oil on herself. Then find a nice dirt spot and roll around there for a while too. She was a little moo, but we adored her. 

When we had Indie we were living in a caravan in a huge field, waiting to buy our house. We had been in rented accommodation where they had done what is common in Cornwall and kicked us out when summer came around to rent to holiday makers, whom they could charge more. 

It wasn't so bad though because we had managed to find a campsite where we were allowed by the owner at any rate to stay long term.

Sadly the council didn't agree and as we couldn't find another campsite where they would allow us to have a big outdoor kennel for our collie and Indie, who preferred to be out with the Collie, we had to find both Beanz and Indie new homes. It broke our hearts. They were both our babies, but sadly life works that way sometimes, doesn't it. 

Still I is for Indie and amazing little girl who gave me some great memories. 

Here's a video about West Highland Terriers. 


  1. What a sweetie! How nice of her to condition her coat with oil after a bath! :)

  2. What a touching story. I loved this little one. Stopping in from A-Z.