Friday, 25 April 2014

A to Z blogger challenge, V is for Vet

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I've had lots of special post for you lately and this one is no different. My lovely sister in law while helping me figure out what to do for each letter, suggested Vet for V and asked if I would like her to write the post. She was so keen that of course I said yes. So today we have a guest poster my lovely sister in law, Lisa Solheim doing V for Vet. Enjoy! It's brilliant too, well done Lisa.

V is for Vet, or V E T as you may call them when your prized pooch is within earshot. Believe me, the 'vet' word is as well understood as 'walkies' and 'treats'. I wish I had a pound for every time I've seen a dog at the vets park his bum and refuse to enter the consultation room, with owner pulling dog in by collar and lead, yet when that door re-opens it's always the dog towing it's human out! Visits to the vet start from early days with vaccinations, advice about worming and flea treatment, right down to how to give your dog a pill. Well, all I can say is at least with a dog it's not usually the same palaver as giving a pill to a cat! Throughout our adventures with our four footed friends the vet is the one who remains calm in a crisis, fosters hope when all seems to be lost, administers treatment to ease aches, pains and through all this is still seen by canines as being the worst in the world. We cherish the time that we have with our four pawed furry family members, but inevitably the time comes when we must part, my mind likes the idea of meeting again over the rainbow bridge. In keeping a pet we are able to offer more humanity and dignity than we are to our human counterparts. We know when time draws close and in knowing this together with the vet we are able to give our animals a blessed release from any pain or suffering that has come from age or accident. A vet I know chose this career as he thought that being a doctor would be to easy! He said that people can speak and describe their symptoms and illness whereas animals can not. By listening to the owner, and to the story that the animal tells whilst being examined allows him to solve the cryptic clues of diagnosis along with other tools to ensure the healthiest way forward for our pet. Although our dogs may think that a visit to the vet is always bad news, us humans know that he is an indispensable part of our pets lives.

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