Tuesday, 29 April 2014

A to Z blogger challenge, Y is for Yorkshire terrier

We are nearing the end of our A to Z blogger challenge and I have only two dogs left for you. The first is Lily a lovely little Yorkshire terrier the beloved baby of Carolann Murry. Isn't she beautiful.

Lily is. Pedigree pup and her really cute pedigree name is Brodies' Bumble Bee. She came by this cute name because her breeder had a son called Brodie who loved Lily the most out of all of the pups from her litter and the boy Brodie, thought that her black and tan markings made her look like a little bumble bee. How sweet is that!

Lily was a surprise Christmas gift for Carolann, three and a half years ago, from her son Jon. What an awesome son, to be clear it was not a spur of the moment purchase, Jon was aware that his mum wanted another dog, having lost her lovely collie Dexter in 2009 when he was thirteen.

Lily was an instant hit with Carolann, who says "Lily is a great wee dog with a real sense of fun, she loves chasing birds and butterflies, but wouldn't know what to do with them if she caught one."

Not everyone in the family took to Lily quite so quickly. Carolann's cat, Gloria took longer to get used to Lily, not helped by the fact that Lily tried to rule the roost at first.

Gloria wasn't standing for that though and would push past Lily to get onto Gloria's lap. Carolann keeps an eye on the pair still, because she knows given the chance Lily would boss Gloria about. Carolann says "I love to see them snuggled up together in front of a nice log fire instead of pinching each others biscuits."

Lily is an affectionate little girl who will run up and greet everyone she meets, in order to get cuddles. She also enjoy meeting other doggie friends and has a Yorkie pal called Ava. Who was purchased by Carolann's friend after the ladies daughter feel in love with Lily.

Carolann and Lily live in the country and so Lily spends a lot of time playing in the fields and woods. She also enjoys going to the seaside for a good run, though she won't so much as dip a paw in the water.

Lily sports the Raggamuffin look, as Carolann calls it, because although she doesn't mind a bath, she's not very keen on letting Carolann cut her fur.

Carolann say's "Goes without saying that I adore her, and only wish she and Dexter had known each other, because he was a beautiful gentle and wise old pal, Jon and I still miss him, and he would have adored Lily too."

If you love Lily too and would like to know more about Yorkshire Terriers, watch the video below.

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  1. Another little sweetie! I had a Brittany spaniel when I was younger who had a show name. Susabob's Fancy Anne. We called her Annie, for which she never really forgave us. She was a show dog through and through. (her owner was elderly and couldn't care for her any more, which is how we came by her)