Wednesday, 23 April 2014

A to Z blogger challenge, T is for Tinker

Throughout this doggie themed A to Z challenge, I have featured dogs, who have sadly departed for the rainbow bridge and today I have another of those wonderful dogs for you.

Meet Tinker.

Tinker was a beautiful little Rottie, who's life, sadly was far shorter than it ought to have been and who has left behind a very heartbroken Richard Bell who kindly offered Tinker up for our letter T. I am a huge fan of Rottie's and know how hard it can be to lose one young. So I am over the moon to have Tinker here on the blog. 

Tinker was a timid little girl when it came to new people and would hide behind Richards legs, where she clearly felt very safe and secure; however, when it came to her pack of Collie friends and their protection, nothing was to scary. 

Despite her longing to protect her Collie friends Tinker resided at the bottom of the pack, a pack that consisted in her eye's solely of Collie dogs, because Tinker firmly believed that despite her clear differences
she was indeed a Collie. Even if she couldn't quite match their speed for even five minutes.

Tinker was at her happiest when she was outside chasing her Kong, or getting copious amounts of belly rubs. 

Despite being an adorable little girl, she had one habit that made the idea of Tinker Kisses less than appealing. She loved to eat her own poo, which led to the nickname poop face. She did have standards though, only her own poo was deemed edible. :) She also liked to indulge in some window licking. Weird? or perhaps she was just trying to be helpful and give them a clean. Who knows? Regardless, this little girl was adorable and very much loved by her family. 

R.I.P little girl, you are greatly missed and where taken far to soon. 

If you want to know more about Rottweiler's, you can watch the video below. 

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  1. Aww, when I was a kid our family dog was named Tinker. She's been dead more than 30 years now but we all still remember her with love. <3