Monday, 28 April 2014

A to Z blogger challenge X is for Xoloitzcuintle

It's time for another A to Z challenge and today I have a rescue that specializes in all types of hairless dogs including the Xoloitzcuintle. Don't ask me how to pronounce that, you can; however, call them Xolo's, for short.

So X is for Xoloitzcuintle and I love, love, love this breed, because A) they are beautiful and B) without them I don't think I ever could have found and X post :)

The rescue who is helping with this post is the awesome Naked K.9 Rescue and via them we have a couple of beautiful little pups looking for their forever homes. First of all, we have Rosebud.

Rosebud is an Xolo x Dachshund.

Rosebud is a survivor of the Orangeburg, SC hoarding case. She has been in rescue for over a year learning to overcome her fears & healing physically from her ordeal. Dogs from hoarding situations are typically very comfortable around other dogs. They generally mistrust or fear people. Rosebud is no exception. However, she is at the point where she is ready to trust people although she may be a little slow to warm up to strangers.
Rosebud's ideal home would have 1 or more other calm, friendly dogs to help her find her way in the new environment. Ideally, she needs an individual owner or a small quiet family with a predictable routine. Also, every member of the family must be committed to earning her trust. She does trust women more easily than men typically. She does much better in a fenced yard when outside so this would be preferable.
Rosebud is crate trained. She is also pee pad trained. She is mostly potty trained but will have an occasional accident as she has not yet learned a way to alert when she has to go outside. 
Rosebud is very food motivated & intelligent. She would do well in obedience. I have started clicker training with her. She loves toys, especially ones that squeak. She also loves nylabones. She has grown to love car rides. She is still somewhat skittish on the leash the farther she gets away from home. This is the last big fear she is still working on but I have every confidence that she will be successful and will learn to love walks as much as car rides. She loves belly rubs & butt scratches. She grunts when you hit the right spot. She responds well to her name. She knows 'sit' & 'beg'. She can develop a tendency to guard her resources because of where she came from. I can provide strategies to keep her in line!

The second little lovely looking for a home is Jake . 

Jake is altered and up to date on his vaccinations. DOB May 18, 2010.Jake arrived in Nova Scotia on Dec 28, 2013 and is presently being fostered in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. He is a good boy who likes to sit on your lap and be cuddled. He likes to play by rolling around and taking your hand in his mouth and he doesn't like to share his space with other dogs. He is a hairless cc with only a few sprigs of hair on his forehead. He is mostly brown with some white on his feet.He is small but his legs are long which means he can run really fast. He is healthy and has very soft skin with some blackheads on the back of his neck. I use coconut oil after his bath. His ears stick out like a bat and has brown eyes. Jake is house trained but uses pee pads on cold days, especially if there is snow on the ground. He is moderately active and loves to curl up in front of the wood stove also enjoys going for car rides. He is very smart and food motivated. I do not feed him with the other dogs. I think he would do best with an older couple who are retired or in a home with older children. He walks good on a leash and loves to run in a fenced in area. He also likes to stay close to his humans and bonded with us within 24 hours. Jake is a little fearful of men but soon warms up, especially if treats are involved. He is a real MOMMA"S BOY. He is quiet unless you think he is going to sleep in a crate. He would scream and holler all night if you didn't let him snuggle in your bed, under the blankets with your hand on his head. He never moves all night. I crate him when we go out and he is ok with that, except he doesn't like the other dogs looking in the crate at him. Jake is a very affectionate and loving little boy, whoever opens their heart and gives this little fellow, his furever home will be greatly rewarded. A home with older kids or someone who is retired would make Jake, one happy boy. I would not place him with young children because he can be territorial around food and when sitting with his human.

More about Jake

Good with DogsGood with Older/Considerate Kids OnlyDoes Good in the CarLeashtrainedLikes to play with toysLikes to be in your lapPrefers warm climatePlayfulAffectionateEager To PleaseIntelligent

to learn more about the Xolo watch the video below. 

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