Saturday, 12 April 2014

A to Z challenge, day 11, Kelpie

K is for Kelpie and I have an adorable Kelpie for you today.

Meet Si, owned by the lovely Sarah McDonald

Isn't he beautiful. I absolutely love those big ears :)

Si is an energetic boy who loves to chase things including his mum. Who he frequently tries to herd because naturally the way Si wants to go, is obviously the way to go. :) Being a Kelpie Sarah say he needs of things to do as well as regular exercise.

Herding his mum, is not Si's biggest quirk; however, no that comes in the form of his favourite snack, the Banana. Yep you heard right. Si loves Banana's and he even has the sense to peel them before he eats. How awesome is that. Sarah says  that it is a bad idea as Si will eat the whole bunch.

Something Si, is far less keen on is a bath. Thankfully his coat type means that Sarah doesn't have to subject him to it too often and finds he rarely smells all that doggy either.

Si is a so good with people and children that he even goes with Sarah to the school where she works as a teacher sometimes. Si adores this and Sarah say's it is on the days where she allows him to join her at work that he is at his happiest.

in large part due to having such a large collection of people willing to throw the ball or have a game of tuggy with.

Despite his seemingly lovable nature, Si is also incredibly protective of his mum and when she is approached by people Si doesn't know he will get between Sarah and the stranger and Bark at Sarah continuously in what Sarah feels is his attempt at saying don't go there. 

So that's Si, let's learn a little more about his breed. 

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