Sunday, 13 April 2014

A to Z challenge, Day 12, Larry

L is for Larry.

Meet Larry Lumps. The beautiful pup who gets to boss around one of my best friends, Sammy Bell. This beautiful boy is a Lab x Collie x German Shepherd and he will be 3 years old in May. 

Sammy has had Larry since he was 8 week's old and says he is a very loud and overly friendly dog who assumes everyone to be his long lost friend. He enjoys a spoiled life too. Going almost everywhere with Sam, including work. The perks of having a mummy who works at an animal rescue. 

While at work Larry enjoys playing with the Sheep, Sarah and Susie or Tormenting the cockerel. He also loves toys, as the picture below shows. :) 

Sadly when Larry was just 7 months old Sammy noticed his hips were clicking and after visiting the vet, where X-rays were taken, it was confirmed that Larry has Hip Displacia. Thankfully Larry is ensured, which will help to keep costs down. Sammy; however, is determined to give Larry as normal a life as possible. Having been aware of his problems for several years now, Sam has adapted their routines to help ease any discomfort Larry might feel from his hips. She does this by walking him on a lead, at a gentle pace, which ensures that he can still achieve very good distances and by allowing him to play in a nice paddling pool, at home, during the summer months. 

Larry loves to swim and dig in puddles and when he isn't out with Sammy they can both normally be found snuggled up together in their bed. 

A much younger Larry.
Larry has been full of shocks and one of the biggest was his growth, which quickly surpassed the typical Collie size Sammy had been anticipating. He has now grown into a real giant, all be it a very gentle one. 

Sam tells me that when new people come into her home, Larry will take them gently by the arm and lead them around the house as if to show it off. 

He also likes to sing and smile, or teethies, as Sam likes to call it. Teethies also come out when he is at the vets and feeling scared and unfortunately Larry has seen his fair share of the vets, what with, his hips and the time he decided to swallow some stones which proceeded to get stuck in his intestines. A nice expensive bit of surgery was requiring in order to remove them. Okay, so he isn't the smartest pup in the world but did you see that face? 

Larry is a very cowardly dog also and afraid of very silly things, such  as, cups, tape measures, toe nail clippers and hose pipes which as Sam pointed out is rather daft given how much he loves water.

So that's Larry. Now lets look at the breeds that made him: 



Border Collie

German Shepherd

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  1. Such a handsome face! And Larry Lumps is a great name. :)