Tuesday, 15 April 2014

A to Z Challenge, day 13, Moby.

M is for Moby. A really sweet old girl who like Squishy, from our very first A to Z post, is owned by the lovely Karen Amanda Hooper. I'm going to let Karen tell you all about her, in her own words. Enjoy!

Moby is a mutt (also an M word). She's part Lab and either part Borer Collie OR Australian Shepherd.
 The Human Society where I rescued her in 2000 couldn't be sure of her breed. 2000? You say? Yes, that's right, my sweet mutt girl with a boy's name is going to be 14 years old this July. She's been with me most of my adult life and I'm not sure what I'd do without her. 

Moby has always been a tad persnickety but also very sweet and extremely smart. I've actually had offers from three different people wanting to take her from me. But I wouldn't give her up for anything. <3
Moby's favorite hobbies are sleeping, eating, and playing "catch the rat" which is when you hide your hand under the covers and move it around as Moby tries to bite "the rat" and make it stop moving. Also, Moby LOVES helping everyone open the wrapped gifts on birthday and at Christmas. Seriously, she's awesome.

I want to steal both Moby and Squish from you Karen, but I'm not sure my own grumpy old boy would be very impressed with me if I did. So your safe. 

Ok so let's look at Moby's (possible) breeds :) 


Border Collie

or Australian shepherd


  1. Aww, she looks like such a sweet girl. I always have such a soft spot for dogs with gray snouts! <3 I can relate with my gray hair. :)

  2. Glad I popped back. A really interesting post. Thank you so much, nice to follow and connect through atozchallenge.