Saturday, 19 April 2014

A to Z blogger challenge, Q is for Quiz. Yay!!

Q is for Quiz.

 Yep, today we are having a doggie quiz for the letter Q. Just a little bit of fun for all the doggie fans out there.

Answers will be at the end of the quiz so why not see how many questions you can answer correctly.  

Be aware some of the answers are easy some not so much, but don't worry if you don't know them all this is just for fun and hay, it's always good to learn new things right?

 1)  Which Dog breed prefers yodelling to barking?
       2) Which of the following animals is not related to the domestic dog?
·         Wolves
·         Foxes
·         Prairie dog
          3)   True or false, dogs can’t see in colour?

    4) Aproximately how many different dog breeds are their around the world?
·         200
·         400
·         600

            5)  What is the tallest dog breed?
           6)       What is the smallest dog breed?
     7) A male dog used for breeding purposes is called a what?
           8)  What internal parasite infests the blood stream of the dog?
              9)  How many teeth does a dog have?

        10)  What is the extra claw on the inside of a dogs leg called?

       11)  What breed has a purple or black tongue?

       12)  True or false, you can get roundworm for you dog?

       13)  What is the average temperature of an adult dog?
              14)  Can a dog get tonsillitis?
             15)  What breed of dogs is considered the most intelligent?
              16)   How long are male dogs normally fertile?

                17)  True or false, Bitches spayed before they are 3 years old are less likely to develop mammary tumours?

        18) Which tends to mature faster, small breeds or large breeds?

         19)True or false, Dalmatians are born with their spots?

         20)  True or false, Hot dogs are made from dog meat? 

    So, that's the questions and here are the answers. Good luck!

1) Basenji

2) Prairie dog


4) 400

5) Irish wolfhound

6) Chihuahua

7) Stud dog

8) Heartworm

9) 42

10) Dewclaw

11) Chow Chow

12) True

13) 101 – 102 degrees

14) Yes

15) Border Collie

16) 8 to 10 years

17) True

18) Small breeds

19) False

20) False of course J

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