Saturday, 26 April 2014

A to Z blogger challenge, W is for Weirmaraner x

I've got up early today to get my W post done and up in order to end the long and torturous wait that getting to the letter W has been for the mummy of our W dog. So I hope the wait was worth while Heather, because today is W day and....

W is for Weirmaraner x Springer Spaniel, represented by the beautiful Bella, thanks to the lovely Heather Caesar-Gordon.

Meet Bella everyone:

 Isn't she adorable, WARNING!!! she is so frigging cute you may get photo overload today. :)

 Bella is 2 years and 7 months old. Sam (Larry's mummy), Heather and I all got our pups around the same time so it has been so much fun watching them all grow into the big babies we have now. Massive in Sammy's case as Larry is a very big boy.

Bella was a very happy accident, as her litter was not planned. Fate is awesome sometimes isn't it. :)

She is a timid girl, who is slow to trust new people; however, once she gets to know you, you need to prepare for the cuddles because Bella really loves a good cuddle. She isn't hard to win over either, a few treats and a bit of love and she'll adore you.

The same holds true when it comes to other dogs. Timid at first but once her confidence around them has built she loves to run and play and when Bella runs, wow!! this girl has speed. So far Heather has only met one dog who can outrun her and that was a whippet cross.

Heather tell's me that as a puppy, Bella was often mistaken for a chocolate lab, at least before she lost her 'puppy fat' after which, people started to assume she was a pointer, but as you already know she is in fact a Weirmaraner x Springer Spaniel.

Bella loves her toys, especially balls; however, she is not so keen on giving them back! I know someone else like that lol.

She also gets to go our for a pack walk once a week, with a dog walker. To help with socialization. I could do with one of them for Ludo, he is so nervous of other dogs since he was rushed on by a big Alsation and it's staffie friend, so, I think like Bella he would love and benefit from a pack walk. Any who, Heather has been told by the dog walker that Bella is one of the most obedient dogs she has walked. Awww I bet Heather was a very proud mummy when she heard that and Bella is good, her recall is great and she loves to do tricks.
Heather says, "If you  ask her to sit on a walk and she knows you have treats she will literally perform every trick she knows, one after the other really fast to get the treat!"

Bella adores treats and there is no real favourite, she loves them all. Heather say's Bella "thinks with her stomach." and one of her slightly more strange treats that she enjoys, is Carrots!

Bella is lucky to still get to spend time with one of her doggie family members, as her sister lives with Heathers own mum. Despite coming from the same litter Bella and her sister are very different. Not only in personality but looks too; however, both are fast and adore their cuddles.

Bella's biggest hate comes in a very familiar and often loathed figure, the vet. A trip to the vets doesn't start in misery however, as Bella get's very excited about going into the waiting room, having learned that this is a guaranteed treat receiving area.  She will jump up at the desk and will not stop staring at the receptionist until she gets her beloved treat, but as soon as the vet calls her in, everything changes and Bella tries to make a run for it. Heather think's this is due to the amount of times she was prodded and poked when she was a puppy as poor Bella had numerous UTI's and a phantom pregnancy all before she was 9 months old. Bless her.

So you've met Bella, now it's time to meet her breeds. Enjoy!


Springer Spaniel

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  1. Oh my GOSH!! What a sweetheart!! I can't decide which pictures is the most adorable. You were right to give a warning at the beginning. She's just too cute for words!