Thursday, 10 April 2014

A to Z challenge, day 10 Jack Tzu

J is for Jack Tzu, which is a Jack Russell x Shih Tzu.

Today's doggy that is helping to represent this Jack Tzu is the lovely Patch owned by Chele Perrin.

I am going to let Chele tell us all about Patch in her own words as she has done such a good job of it. Enjoy.

Patch is known by many names, Mr Poo Pants, Scratchy Pants and the Lorax.
He is such an adorable little character he is not just a pet to us but a member of our family he came to live with us just over 3 years ago after being given up by his previous owner as being a troublesome dog and it didn’t take us long to realise that he had been mistreated you couldn’t touch his back or back legs without being growled at and sometimes nearly losing your hand. For the first 12 months we had awful problems with him using our house as a toilet but after being off of work and spending 24 hrs a day with him I soon developed a very close bond with him and he relaxed and the messing in the house stopped and so did the growling it’s when giving him a good stroke these days I trust him 100% and this just goes to prove that if you treat a dog right they give you back the respect that you deserve. He sleeps in our bed often burrowing under the duvet when he is cold waking me up several times a night by scratching at my face for me to pull the duvet back for him to get under.
His favouritist thing off all is going for walkies but we call it poo bagging he knows when he’s going out because we say to him where’s your wellies get your rain coat you might need gloves, ear muffs and then you will deffo need some poo bags etc and from just saying this he is ready and waiting by the door all ready to go off on the new days adventure.

He loves going to the beach where he goes every day at least once if not twice. He takes his frisby with him and loves to run free in and out of the sea regardless of how cold it is we really do have a problem keeping him out of it. Patch also likes you to throw stones for him and he will keep on searching until he has found the exact stone that you have thrown, often taking his favourite one back home with him. It got a bit out of had last year when he had such a collection that it filled a big plastic storage box that we then called his treasure and in the end had to get rid of them all to make way for his next collection.
Patch is a cheeky devil when he has been out he will go and ask my step mum for a chew and then come and ask me for one not knowing that he had already been given one, this went on for quite a while until he was finally caught out.
Patch loves his chews and really listens to us when we speak to him we can say Patch what day is it today it’s the day before Wednesday and the day after Monday just waiting for us to say those magical words its Tuesday (Chewsday).
Patch has a lovely smile when he looks at you with his towel wagging his bottom jaw pops out and you can see this perfect row of bottom team beaming back at you. Well it was perfect until he lost one of them this week we don’t know when or how it just wasn’t there anymore.

This may sound a bit strange but Patch also loves fluffy cushions I used to have 2 until he took hold of them one by one and would just lay there sucking them (weird I know) we kind of saw this as a comfort thing. He worked his way through both cushions until they were so thread bare and full of holes that they had to be thrown away and then replaced by my daughter giant Monkey teddy bear which is twice the size of him and is so funny watching him trying to get up and down the stairs with is quite often needing assistance.

Mr Patch is the 4th member of our family and the most adorable loving little man ever. He is like then son I never had.  

So let's learn about Patched breeds:

Jack Russell

Shih Tzu

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  1. What a sweetheart! And my gosh, he does look like the Lorax! :D