Wednesday, 16 April 2014

A to Z challenge, day 14, Neeko

N is for Neeko. We have a real live wire for you today in the form of this lovely Springer Spaniel cross Cairn Terrier.

Neeko was just 3 weeks old when his mum to be Allie Bosley decided he was the pup for her. A long wait then followed before Allie could take Neeko home at 9 weeks old. Once home Neeko was surrounded by love, not just of the human kind but also his three furry cat friends, who Allie says often take over his bed, whether he is out of it or not. :) 

Neeko is a sweet boy but a bit of a mischief maker. On a trip to Dawlish a couple of years ago, Neeko decided that the best possible place for a poop was right on top of a kids sandcastle. Well why not, it;'s as good a place as any right? lol

He also has a passion for the garden hose and loves to attack the water as it sprays out as you can see from the pictures below; however, warm showers he despises.

He's not all brave; however, a trip through the centre of town is a nerve racking experience for this boy and he much prefers running in the woods or on the beach, which is is favourite place of all. I don't blame him for that, I must prefer the quiet countryside to a crowded town myself. 

Like a lot of Spaniels  and terriers, Neeko is pretty smart and has learned to follow instructions when issued either by voice or hand signals. This makes it very easy for Allies Grandchildren to get him to sit, even before they can talk. My son's seven now and he still can't get my Loopy lu to listen to his commands, so well done Allie for training Neeko so well. I'm especially jealous of the fact that Neeko only barks on command. If I could get my pair to do the same I would be in heaven lol. 

 Neeko has a somewhat strange attachment to a big, brown dog teddy bear called Spud, which Allie tells me he likes to suckle and paddle with his feet, before he falls asleep. Awww that's cute. :) 

So lets look at Neeko's breeds. 

Springer Spaniel

Cairn Terrier


  1. What a sweetie. I love that he has kitty friends. <3

  2. I love that, too! Neeko sure looks like a cutie, and a total sweetheart!!

  3. Awww, Neeko looks like he has a lot of feline friends :)